The Perfect Diet

“I LOVE keto, it works for everyone!”

“No one should eat meat, it’s so much better for everyone’s body.”

“Get rid of all fats, they make you fat.”

We have all heard family and friends give us suggestions on what style of eating has to work best for everyone. If your friends don’t talk food 24/7, you most certainly have seen particular diets advertised on social media or television commercials. So . . . should we believe them?


There are a few recommendations that (dietary needs permitted) are great for everyone: 

  • Eat mostly nutritious whole foods
  • Minimize as many processed foods/sugary as possible
  • Add as many colors to every meal when possible; in the form of fruits and vegetables
  • Eat whole grains, beans, legumes, and nuts
  • Drink water

If you follow these recommendations most of the time, your body will thank you. 

Religious and personal beliefs will guide some people to build a diet that aligns with their views. But that still doesn’t mean that one diet is right for everyone.

Finding the right dietary choices for you takes time and perseverance. We all vary in body size, our lean/fat mass, how active we are, our age, what our goals are, and what foods we can tolerate. All of these factors play into what your “custom” dietary intake should look like. Building a diet based on what helps you reach goals vs. slows you down is important for longevity in life. The best way to create the best diet for you is to consult with a healthcare professional or to take the time to try out different combinations of foods that leave you feeling energized and happy.

If you are paving your own way, I recommend that you implement a new habit and try it for no less than a week. If you enjoy or feel great from this change – continue it and try a new one!! New nutrition habits can include: cutting out dairy, having vegetables with every meal, increasing carbohydrates, having fish twice a week, adding more water to your diet, or having less caffeine.

Another great tip is to sit with being hungry for a few minutes. Today, food is so readily available to us that as soon as we are hungry we often grab the quickest and easiest thing we can. If you stay “hungry” for 10-20 minutes and drink some water during that time you will often see that you are not hungry you are just bored. Eating when we are bored creates bad habits such as grabbing that popcorn or candy while at the movies, snacking while driving, or even unhealthy snacks in airports during layover.

Good luck! And email me or speak to me privately if you have any questions/ want to book a nutrition coaching consult!


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